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Top 15 Websites to Sell Cars Online


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The year 2022 has delivered unique cars to the market worldwide. With the quick pace of technology advancement, older models might become unsatisfactory when trying new car features. Thousands of people visit websites to sell cars online.

Online vehicle purchasing is becoming more popular, and the internet has made it simpler than ever to locate a suitable buyer for your vehicle. In 2022, this study will reveal the most popular websites for selling automobiles online.

Each part will provide essential information that will assist you in rapidly learning about the website rather than visiting it. You may, however, go to the website by clicking on the link next to each name. Finally, we’ll go through some potential benefits and drawbacks you could encounter in the future.


CarGurus is the country’s most popular marketplace to sell cars online. So here is the place to go if you want many people to look at your listing. CarGurus, founded in 2006 by a TripAdvisor co-founder, has over 5 million listings, advanced data analytics, and car history reports.

Later, the firm added a marketplace to its site, along with a vehicle appraisal tool, making it a top pick for finding affordable automobiles. CarGurus is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

  • Tools for advanced pricing
  • Board with questions and answers
  • Free car advertising
  • Sellers don’t vet
  • Advertisers get charged after selling
  • The information on a car’s listing isn’t always correct.


sell cars online

KBB is our following best selection (Kelly Blue Book) for the websites to sell cars. This great site has an astonishing amount of visitors from the United States, just behind CarGurus.

Kelley Blue Book has a long history of providing used automobile appraisals. Since its inception in the 1960s, the firm has relied on its website and mobile app to give automotive guides, reviews, and assessments.

This organization gives a current market value and a range of prices to every new or used car available on the market. Kelley Blue Book also includes new car dealer invoice prices and used car trade-in values.

  • Values from the Blue Book
  • Tools & Services Available for Free
  • Lists and reviews by experts
  • Package Options for Pricing
  • The company could improve the Listings Feature
  • Apps for mobile devices that aren’t very good
  • Customer Dissatisfaction


CarMax is a used car retailer with headquarters in the United States among the top website to sell cars online. Sales Operations and Auto Finance are two of the company’s major segments.

This organization locations specialize in selling used cars, but in 1996 it signed its first new car franchise with Chrysler Corporation. In late 2021, CarMax sold their final new car dealership, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to the Rydell Company.

CarMax is the place to go if you want to sell your car without creating an advertisement. They will usually give you a cash offer for your vehicle on the spot, even if they require you to come to a physical place for an evaluation. Buyers like the extensive range of used automobiles available throughout the nation and the fact that they can acquire them without the hassle of bargaining.

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • The no-pressure, no-haggle atmosphere with a wide range of makes, models, and model years
  • 30-day returns and 24-hour test drives up to 1500 miles
  • Financing is available in-house.
  • Because of the middle man and administrative costs, prices may be greater than if purchased privately.
  • You may have to pay extra to have a vehicle delivered to your location.
  • When selling, you may get a lower offer than you would in a private transaction.
  • If your automobile isn’t qualified for an online quotation, you’ll have to go to the shop to sell it.


sell cars online

Carvana is an online used car selling website launched in 2012 to enable individuals to purchase, sell, and trade-in automobiles quickly. It is perhaps best known for its car vending machines. Because of its recent success, many people are well aware of Carvana.

Buyers may broaden their search for a used car across the nation without having to worry about the trouble of shipping it.

Carvana makes transporting your vehicle simple. The procedure is exactly as simple as whether you sell your automobile through Carvana. They will come to your location and take up your car and present you a check on the spot.

  • Easy-to-navigate interface for looking through secondhand vehicle inventories
  • There are no costs associated with having actual vehicle lots.
  • There will be no haggling or pressure in this atmosphere.
  • You can do everything over the internet.
  • Purchases come with a seven-day return policy and a 100-day or 4,189-mile limited warranty.
  • Prices are likely to be a little higher than in a private sale.
  • There is no way to test drive before buying.
  • When selling, you may get a lower offer than you would in a private transaction.


Carfax began as a source of vehicle history data for both buyers and sellers of used automobiles. They soon established themselves as the industry leader in car history reports, and most dealerships now include a Carfax record with their used automobiles. As a consequence, Carfax possesses North America’s largest and most complete car history database.

Carfax pulls information from over 112,000 data sources for each used car report requested. Data sources are available for auto auctions, fire and police departments, accident repair facilities, fleet management, and rental organizations.

Carfax is now an online used car dealer, allowing customers to search for vehicles by make, model, zip code, or body style and price. It also helps you limit down your options by enabling you to choose if you want a car with just one owner, no accidents or damage, personal usage, or service history.

  • Reports on Lemons
  • CARFAX backs CARFAX Buyback Guarantee.
  • Value-based on the past
  • Excellent Filtering Options
  • Apps for mobile devices
  • The cost of a CARFAX report
  • Complaints about advertising and sales


sell cars online

Vroom, like Carvana, allows you to trade in or sell cars online quickly and easily. You’ll get an immediate offer after entering some basic information about the vehicle, valid for seven days or 250 miles, whichever comes first. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a new car, Vroom may give you a trade-in offer.

Vroom is an almost online firm that picks up and delivers automobiles to residences in 48 states, founded by Paul Hennessy, the former CEO of

Both buyers and sellers will find Vroom to be an excellent resource. They sell automobiles directly on their website and ship them anywhere in the United States.

  • you have a week or 250 miles to test drive
  • Vroom will pick up your automobile for free if you sell it to them.
  • You can complete everything over the internet
  • Prices may be somewhat more than a private sale, and there will be a $699 delivery cost.
  • It is impossible to test drive an automobile before purchasing it.
  • When it comes to selling, Vroom’s offer may be lower than a private sale.

Check out this website if you’re seeking the most acceptable approach to sell cars online. When it comes to online car sales, this site is still prevalent as the gold standard. The reason for this is because their inventory is enormous due to their extensively syndicated listings.

When you put your automobile for sale on the website, you have the choice of listing it for free or for a fee. The website may then syndicate your advertisement on one of their other websites, such as,, or Furthermore, it has the potential to be mentioned on their affiliate sites.

You may also sell your automobile to a dealer rapidly using this website. If you value your time above your money, this is a viable choice.

  • A trustworthy source
  • With the website’s “Compare” tool, you may instantly compare pricing and features
  • If you’re selling your automobile, you may arrange in-person evaluations at up to four different dealerships.
  • Because does not hold a physical inventory, surrounding dealerships will only contact you.
  • Does not buy cars directly
  • Unlike CarGurus, it does not provide finance

True Car

sell cars online

TrueCar is the place to go if you’re searching for a site that prioritizes the client. They are committed to assisting purchasers in obtaining the highest possible price for their vehicle by providing a comprehensive list of persons who have paid for the same model as you.

To avoid overpaying, the specialists inform you of the appropriate market price. It is also popular among sellers since it is simpler to sell a vehicle on a reputable website.

TrueCar is a fantastic tool for figuring out the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (MSRP). If you discover a leftover model from the prior year, you may quickly see that the average savings are substantially more significant.

  • A diverse range of automobiles.
  • It’s simple to evaluate how a car’s pricing compares to the average list price of similar vehicles according to price ratings.
  • A valuable resource for determining how much your vehicle is worth and what comparable automobiles are available in your region.
  • You should expect emails, phone calls, and text messages in response to TrueCar queries.
  • Dealerships may not have an exact match for the automobile you want to buy
  • TrueCar does not purchase used cars directly

Cars and bids

Cars and Bids is a vehicle auction site to purchase or sell modern, intriguing, exciting, or sporty cars. You may advertise your vehicle for sale on the site and promote it to prospective purchasers.

The $89 listing cost is a one-time price with no further fees. In addition, they reduced the listing price for returning clients to $49. Unlike eBay, where buyers may grab deals at the last minute, our site strives to maintain a level playing field.

You cannot, however, mention any old automobiles. The Cars and Bids team must approve all listings, and if they find that your car is not a suitable match for the platform, they will deny it.

  • Set a charge of $89 for the first listing.
  • a large social media audience
  • You may establish an auction reserve, but the auctioneer must authorize it.
  • The Cars and Bids team can provide you with experienced advice and assistance.
  • There is a need to communicate with prospective purchasers

Bring a trailer

Check out Bring-A-Trailer if you’re an auto enthusiast wanting to sell cars online to folks who share your interests. This site has a diverse selection of automobiles, ranging from rare antiques to high-performance sports cars. A listing on this auction site costs $99, although the bidders pay most of the fees.

If you have a vintage automobile, this is one of the most incredible places to sell it. This is because the website receives a lot of high-quality traffic, which means that the individuals who visit it usually want to purchase something.

  • Listings that are well-crafted
  • Photographers that specialize in automobiles
  • Auctions that are open and transparent
  • Sellers who need extra help selling their automobiles might use the White-Glove Service.
  • Auction is the only determinant of pricing.

Auto Tempest

sell cars online

AutoTempest’s search results, like those of the other websites on this list, are compiled from various sources. Their website and app are comparable to other sites in terms of functionality, including the option to store searches. They also provide valuable resources, such as an up-to-date blog, purchasing recommendations, and automotive reviews.

While you may refine your automobile searches, the parameters are considerably more limited than on other sites, which some may consider streamlined. They present the crucial information in either case. Make, model, distance, price, year, mileage, vehicle type, transmission, and whether the car is sold privately or via a dealer are all options.

  • You won’t have to go to many websites to find what you’re looking for. It’s a one-stop store for everything.
  • The UI is simple to use.
  • It is a consumer-friendly product.
  • Most of the results are presented in an easy-to-read fashion and provide helpful information in the results listing. We didn’t have to click through each result to see if it was the correct automobile.
  • Limited results


Edmunds’ Price promise, created to avoid haggling with auto dealers, targets new vehicles. The idea is that you find the unique automobile you desire, receive a price guarantee voucher, and bring it to the car dealership with you. Customers who utilize Edmunds’ Price Promise save an average of over $3,000 off MSRP, according to Edmunds.

Actual Market Values are also available for trade-ins, dealer retail, and private party sales. To utilize this option, input your zip code, preferred car’s year, make, model, and trim. You’ll obtain a genuine market value when you’ve added the options, colours, conditions, and miles.

  • True Ownership Costs
  • Authentic Market Value
  • Price Guarantee
  • Buyer’s Guide to New Cars
  • Features of Financing
  • Requires a phone number
  • Enhancements to the Pricing Tool
  • Report on the Past
  • Comparative Analysis Tool
  • Sponsored Automobiles


sell cars online

With print magazines and collectables from many manufacturers and historic automotive events, Hemmings is a renowned name for vintage car aficionados. However, as online car sales have become more popular, the corporation has transferred its efforts to its website.

It offers an extensive database of ads and auctions, with vehicles ranging from Acura to Zastava. Those looking to sell cars online or other items will also find a following on the site. The cost of a listing ranges from $99 for an auction to $190 for a print and online listing. Before becoming online, the Hemmings crew must submit and approve the vehicles.

Hemmings is one of the top websites to sell cars with a loyal following that might net your vehicle a happy new owner if you’re attempting to sell something uncommon or an odd piece of automotive history.

  • With 200,000 members, there is excellent coverage for prospective purchasers.
  • Vehicle comparisons are available for free on the site.
  • Dedicated platform for historic automobiles
  • Option to post a classified ad or participate in an auction
  • The government must authorize auctions.
  • There are no BBB or Trustpilot ratings for this business.

Tred is devoted to saving money for both consumers and sellers when purchasing or selling an automobile online. By acting as a broker, the firm bypasses the intermediary and avoids the average hefty broker costs.

Tred solely works with private dealers and assists with transactions and logistical difficulties such as taxes and title transfers. It also inspects vehicles to ensure that they are suitable for sale.

Tred is a car-buying and-selling website that offers individual sellers low-cost autos. It’s popular with customers since it comes with extra guarantees like quality checks and safe payment.

  • Sellers with a personal touch
  • Minimized brokerage cost
  • Assistance with payment and papers
  • Sellers who put a personal touch on their products
  • They maintain the expense of brokering to a bare minimum
  • Payment and paperwork assistance

Cars Direct

sell cars online

CarsDirect offers a straightforward and uncomplicated car-buying experience. You may look for used automobiles by make, model, body type, and price in a given location. You may also buy from a dealer or a private seller, and you can send an enquiry about any car you like. Personal vendors may also use the service to reach out to a broader audience.

On the CarsDirect website, they don’t permit private parties to sell. On their homepage, however, there is an affiliate connection to a third-party website. They do offer a library of information on selling your automobile best techniques and locations.

  • Excellent Search Option
  • You may save searches and calculations
  • Help Tab: Connect with Dealers, Lenders, and Insurance Companies
  • No Private Sellers


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